Hot Cookie

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The Story of Hot Cookie

Our humble beginnings

Established in 1997

Established in 1997, Hot Cookie is a Castro icon – famous for our large selection of freshly-baked, chewy cookies, our notorious Penis and Venus Cookies, and our wall of hot customers posing in our signature Hot Cookie underwear.

Tourists from all over the U.S. and the world come to San Francisco and the Castro to experience the open and accepting community and environment. Since its founding, Hot Cookie has reflected this promise by promoting a sense of belonging and acceptance for all forms of sexual expression in our small cozy shop.

Founder Dan Glazer

Hot Cookie’s founder Dan Glazer went beyond a traditional cookie bakery when he first created the famous Penis and Venus Cookies. Soon he added the classic Hot Cookie underwear as a novelty item. Customers began asking if they could get their picture taken at the store in the underwear. Dan asked if he could post his customers’ pictures on the wall and a great Castro tradition was born. The walls of the store were soon covered in pictures of Hot Cookie customers in Hot Cookie underwear. Today, we have visitors from around the globe who come to Hot Cookie to take part in this unique Castro rite of passage and have their moment of pride immortalized on our walls.

An Immersive Experience for All Your Senses

Hot Cookie is an immersive experience for all your senses. Customers are drawn to the store by the sound of upbeat music and the wonderful smell of freshly baked cookies. Upon entering the store, they are presented with a visual extravaganza – a display case full of cookies, our sexy employees baking and dancing to the music, and best of all, the wall of pictures of our customers posing joyously and provocatively in Hot Cookie apparel. There’s the sound of giggles from those first seeing our Penis and Venus Cookies and the titillation as they are invited to don our underwear and become a part of the Hot Cookie experience. When asked where they can change, we point to the spot in front of the window and say “This is the Castro, anywhere works!” Last but definitely not least, is the taste explosion of that first bite of our warm, chewy, and delicious cookies.

New Ownership with Tony Roug

In 2015, Tony Roug purchased Hot Cookie from Dan Glazer. The story of this purchase is a unique reflection of the modern gay family. Dan was ready to move on to new adventures in life but didn’t want to sell Hot Cookie to just anyone. Tony had recently started dating Dan’s longtime best friend and loved the concept Dan had created in Hot Cookie. A new chapter in Hot Cookie’s history was born.

What has not changed is Hot Cookie’s dedication to reflecting and supporting the spirit of the Castro community and its rich history. Even with all the vast changes within the LGBTQ community and in the Castro since Hot Cookie was started, there remains a need for spaces that are not just safe and supportive, but that celebrate queer identity and self-expression. Hot Cookie reflects the playful, creative, and sex positive spirit of the Castro. We are also dedicated to supporting the many community organizations, services, and events that help to maintain all that is unique about San Francisco and have made this a safe haven for our community for generations.

The Three Things

There are three things that make Hot Cookie what it is: our cookies, our community and most importantly, our customers! Hot Cookie remains a place where everyone is welcomed and everyone can feel fun, flirty, and sexy! Thus our motto… “Where our cookies are as hot as our customers.” Thank you for being part of what makes Hot Cookie a one-of-a-kind experience!