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Job Description:
Like most ready to eat food restaurants, Hot Cookie serves a variety of customers from all backgrounds.  Hot Cookie takes pride in our community and encourage our team to participate in curating the LGBTQ+ culture.  To keep the store operating at high quality standards, we expect our team to be competent in food safety policy set forth by state and local entities and follow best practices. To be able to take direction and know what the operating goals are for the day, we expect the store manager to communicate and interact proactively and effectively. Most importantly, the ability to work in a team oriented environment and possess great work ethics.

Duties include:


Physical Demands:
The Castro store is three levels. You will be require to carry up to 50 pounds between the levels.

Hourly pay based on experience and qualifications. Our goal is to employ you full time (30+ hours per week).   Full time employees receive health care benefits after the first 90 days.


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