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Job Description:

Hot Cookie is a fun and racy bakery that started in the Gay Historic Castro district of San Francisco in 1997. Hot Cookie takes pride in our founding as part of the LGBTQ+ community.  We have expanded to two stores and a large online business.   Hot Cookie specializes in selling a large selection of freshly baked scrumptious cookies with racy names including our famous penis and vagina cookies. In addition, we offer underwear and t-shirts with Hot Cookie logos.  Who doesn’t want to be a Hot Cookie? Customers pose in the photos and put the pictures on our walls.

Hot Cookie focuses on “The Big C” – Cookies, Customers, and Community.  We strive to create a supportive, inclusive workplace that encourages personal growth, self-expression, and fun!

Duties include:


Physical Demands:
The Castro store is three levels. You will be require to carry up to 50 pounds between the levels.

Hourly pay based on experience and qualifications. We currently pay a minimum of $17.50 per hour and a maximum $21.00 per hour.  Our goal is to employ you full time (30+ hours per week).   Full time employees receive health care benefits after the first 90 days.


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